This is the personal blog of Claire (that’s me). This is the boring but required bit of this blog. It’s actually the kind of thing I used to spend all day doing in my lawyering job! So I know you don’t want to but please do read it and then get back to the best bits!

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We do not give out medical advice: Dom’s Kitchen is a food and wellbeing blog/website. I do cover topics such as nutrition and fitness as a way to educate, inspire and motivate, but I am not a qualified medical professional and therefore cannot provide any medical advice. I can only share my personal experiences as a way to help you to navigate through the Paleo/Primal/real food world. I recommend you consult with a qualified medical health professional prior to making any changes in your diet or lifestyle.

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In My Words:

Basically, this blog is a mixture of recipes (those I develop myself, my favourite recipes from other bloggers and cookbook authors) as well as a variety of wellness information that I have curated and consider helpful for health and overall wellbeing.  I hope it is helpful and that it inspires you in some way. However, when applying anything I write or do to your own situation,  know that I am not a trained medical professional and have no formal qualifications in nutrition.  I cannot be held responsible for how different readers of this blog will apply what I share here.  Thank you for your understanding!